Hello, and welcome to THE MALEVOLENT MATRIARCH!

You are in the right place if:

  • your children show little interest in family history
  • your collection of historical artifacts is large….or small
  • you’re not sure how to teach your children their history
  • you want to record your history before you are gone, and
  • you are a cousin looking to connect, learn, and share together.

Why I started this blog

I want my children to know their history.

We have three collections of letters, beginning in 1889 and ending in 1954. This is remarkable, maybe even rare, but with millions of words, how does one organize and document letter collections? Specifically, how does one capture the importance of such a gift and preserve it for generations to come?

  • I’ll get back to the letters, but what about other artifacts such as photos, journals, diaries, poems, a memoir? What about needlepoint, antique furniture, grandma’s teapots and her mother’s wedding dress? We can’t forget the wooden high chair or grandma’s dry sink. Preserving our history can be overwhelming.
  • I found a way to bring my ancestors to life. Well, not really, but I found a way to show who they were as people, not just names on a chart.
  • Our vast collection of heirlooms and artifacts have always been visible in the place we call home. I’ll show you how we’ve incorporated them into daily living, and how I now use them to create profiles and stories about my ancestors.

This is STORY GENEALOGY: I’m teaching my children and preserving our history. This is my legacy and gift to my children.

To see how I create ancestor profiles and stories, check out the HOW TO section, the BLOG pages for Recent Posts, or the CONTACT PAGE to ask directly. You may use the Categories menu and type in GET STARTED. Cousins, you are welcome to connect HERE. Another useful link is the SITE MAP.

Meet our MALEVOLENT MATRIARCH, Orah Myrtle Smith, the woman who inspired this blog. She was my great grandma.

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 Thank you for reading. ❤

Welcome to The Malevolent Matriarch!

  1. Bravo!!! Excited that you’re doing this! Can’t wait to see it all unfold. My uncle asked me if I want to collaborate on the family history keeping, then take it over eventually. I said YES. Can’t wait to see what you teach me!

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    1. Wow! That is fabulous. You are a most caring and creative writer, so you’ll capture what he wants you to collect and preserve. Please send them my way to look over the blog. It has been SO MUCH FUN writing stories in this way, knowing it’s preserving our history but also our documentation, AND teaching my kids. Welcome aboard, all of you, and thanks for chiming in! Can’t wait to see how you begin your history journey. 🙂

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  2. An awesome job Karen. I am learning much already from this organization.

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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. This blog was born out of pure frustration and feeling overwhelmed with the documentation in our family. I’m hoping the angle of storytelling will help others. I appreciate your feedback. Have a great day!

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  3. Hi from your closest relative via marriage and your favorite follower.
    Your loving husband of 35 years next Sept 17.

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