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Her tongue was as sharp as her pencil. Stop by and meet our Malevolent Matriarch!

Bertha Servatius Geier Keane

Nine years before Bertha was born, the parents who raised her lived in Franklin county, Kansas on a large farm. William, her father, was born in Germany, and Cordelia, Bertha's mother, was born in Pennsylvania. William's brothers Peter and Anton farmed nearby. When trying to learn about Bertha, we discovered she was adopted. I wrote ...

Why “The Malevolent Matriarch?”

GREAT GRANDMA'S TONGUE WAS AS SHARP AS HER PENCIL. Afraid of no one, she let loose in hundreds of letters to daughter Bertha, sometimes twice a day. Her stern "disposition" intimidates (yet I adore that photo on the right. Notice her posture, her confidence. The hat and coat add to the "don't mess with me" ...