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I created this space just for YOU.

I’ve been thinking about creating a gathering place to connect, share, and learn our history together. I’ve met several of you online, and, while email is fine, it creates a multiple sharing issue.

I’m hoping to switch from regular email sharing (with potentially few viewers) to blog sharing here (with potentially multiple viewers).

How will participation benefit YOU?

Maybe you have FABULOUS documentation. What’s in your collection? Do you have photos, documents, wills, probate records, land plat maps, divorce records, marriage records, birth certificates?

It’s important that none of us assume our cousins have the same information we have, or that they can identify individuals in photos.

Maybe you’d like HELP with an unidentified photo, or that brick wall you just hit?

Photo sharing may help us all. Some of us may have the same questions. By posting your photos here, you may receive potential verification and share with multiple family members at the same time. Post your questions! Family may be able to provide answers.

You may meet family you never knew you had

I’ve met “cousins” by joining genealogy groups on social media. One group about the Volga Germans has about 4,000 members, and lots of names are mentioned on a daily basis. It’s fantastic to see so many individuals with the same goal sharing photos, history, and more. I recently learned about a new cousin on my Smith line. We may not all know each other.

YOUR PARTICIPATION through sharing, asking for help, and simply being curious may benefit everyone.

Smith and Appell cousins, WHAT TO LOOK FOR:

  1. Just a few Smith family members have seen the letters Si Smith wrote in 1889. I want that to change. The series I created showcasing this collection is called Into Ironwood and can be found HERE. More letters will be posted.
  2. Appell cousins, you have to see the lengthy document detailing the APPEL LINEAGE. It dates back to 1717 Germany with Peter Appel. The document is 15 pages long and the link takes you to my other blog Finding Merle.
  3. The unknowns: We have several photos of a woman I suspect is Helen Eliza White, Orah Smith’s mother. The photos are labeled with different names, and by family members who should know. I wrote a post about Helen called UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.
  4. My mother handed me a gem last week. It’s an autograph book dating to 1891. Smith cousins, you’ll want to see this one. It will be posted, soon.
  5. Appell cousins, mom has Carrie’s wedding dress, and I realize some of you may not have seen it. I’ll be sharing it here.
  6. Appell cousins: Mom has letters written by Primo and some are in Italian.

Not sure what to share, or ask, or how to participate?

  • Visit the surname pages to find your ancestors’ names*
  • Think about your collection(s) and what information is missing
  • Gather photos of your unknowns** and contact me about my PHOTO page
  • Scroll through the blog posts to see how I have profiled our ancestors
  • Think about journal or diary entries your cousins may want to see
  • Questions about family lore are welcome here
  • Peek at this article on how to CREATE A NEW DOCUMENT for sharing

Think of what you don’t have, which pieces are missing, or simply consider asking a question. Contact me privately if you are unsure.

geier_cousins at beach_early 60s

Cousins: Karen, Chris, Becky, Lynne ~ Photo courtesy: Rod Geier

COUSINS: If you’d like me to share your content, please contact me HERE.

*My personal lineage is listed at the bottom of each surname page. Check these pages to see if we are connected.

**Photos and documents posted on this site will need to have a (reasonable and/or suspected) connection to the ancestors on the surname pages. This will be a judgment call on my part.


Please use the form on the CONTACT PAGE.

Once again, I’m glad you’re here. 🙂


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