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Haggie Connections

I wrote about my grandpa Eddie on the page where I discussed profiling various types of relatives. You can read about him, adopted relatives, step-relatives, and half-relatives, on THIS PAGE.

This entire blog would be fake if grandpa Haggie were not included. We didn’t share DNA, but he made my dollhouse, and our chalkboard. He ever so patiently disciplined my sister and I when we tipped over the monstrous lawn swing in their back yard. We don’t share the same genetics, but when I crawled into his lap and combed what little hair he had, my little girl heart didn’t care. Neither did my big girl heart when I was old enough to know the difference.

He was my grandpa.

I will always remember the warmhearted, soft spoken, gentle man we were lucky enough to call grandpa.

My Haggie lineage

Eddie Herbert Haggie, b. 1895 m. Lalla M. Geier, my grandma.

They were my grandparents.

Your Haggie submissions can be taken HERE.

geier_rod home from navy_early 50s_haggie house in tacoma_ed haggie lalla butterfield haggie

Early 50s when dad came home from the Navy. Grandpa, grandma, and dad.

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