Butterfield Connections

My great grandparents Elmer H. Butterfield and Orah Myrtle Smith are in the photo above. I haven’t said much yet about our malevolent matriarch’s husband, but you will see more about the Butterfield side throughout these pages. One of my favorite Butterfield photos is the one of Elmer, his girls, and the swing.

Butterfield_Elmer and daughters on swing Lalla Hazel and Lillian_Minneapolis

Elmer, Lalla, Hazel, and Lillian, circa 1906

The photo is fairly revealing. It had to be taken in Minneapolis where the girls lived prior to moving to Tacoma. Youngest sister Bertha, born in 1908 in Tacoma, wasn’t in the photo. If Hazel, the youngest, is about three of four here, that makes Lalla eight, and Lillian, 12. If I’m close to correctly labeling the ages, this is indeed a rare and precious shot. Lillian passed away in 1912 at age 18. We have the least photos of Lillian.

My Butterfield lineage

Ephraim Butterfield, b. 1717 m. Elisabeth Davis, and their son

Abraham Butterfield Sr., b. 1750 m. Ruth Averill, and their son

Abraham Butterfield Jr., b. 1788 m. Jennie Averill, and their son

Ebenezer A. Butterfield, b. 1826 m. Hannah Hunt, and their son

Elmer H. Butterfield, b. 1870 m. Orah Myrtle Smith, and their daughter

Lalla M. Butterfield, b.  1898 m. Carl Geier, and their son

Rodney M. Geier, b. 1929 m. Margaret E. Appell. These are my parents.

Your Butterfield Submissions can be taken HERE.

Butterfield Geier_elmer-and-carl-playing-checkers-on-porch_1920-or-so_tacoma

Circa 1921

A rare photo of my great grandfather Elmer Butterfield playing checkers with my paternal grandfather, Carl Geier.

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