Bixby Connections

(Top photo credit~ Donna Fetzer)

It’s hard to feel a connection to a great, great, great grandma, yet, the more I research, the more connected I begin to feel. She was, after all, the mother of Alfred Josiah Smith, whose LETTERS partially inspired this blog. Better yet, those letters were written to Maria. (Note: the Letters link above takes you to the Smith page, on which you will find links to the first seven letters.)

Bixby Mariah PollyAnn_photo shared by James Dreher

Maria PollyAnn Bixby Smith ~photo credit Donna Fetzer

I truly wish I could have known this remarkable woman, mother of Alfred Josiah “Si,” Charles “Albert,” Alice, Ida, Mary, Sylvia, Sarah, Nellie, and Anna; step-mother to Ann and Samuel Henry. Charles Smith, Maria’s husband, was previously married to Elizabeth Hooker, whose first husband John Smith was Charles’s brother.

For an interesting article about the Smith family, including a double wedding, you can click HERE.

My Bixby lineage

Daniel Bixby, b. 1763 m. Dorothy, and their son

Joel Bixby, b. 1786 m. Sylvia Morse, and their daughter

Maria Pollyann Bixby, b. 1827 m. Rev. Charles E. Smith, and their son

Alfred Josiah Smith, b. 1848 m. Helen Eliza White, and their daughter

Orah Myrtle Smith, b. 1875 m. Elmer H. Butterfield, and their daughter

Lalla M. Butterfield, b. 1898 m. Carl Joseph Geier, and their son

Rodney M. Geier, b. 1929 m. Margaret E. Appell. They are my parents.

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smith_family marriage records_charles and maria bixby_21 Sept 1847_Bixby family Bible_James Dreher

Bixby family Bible marriage record, Charles Smith and Maria Bixby, 21 Sept 1847 ~photo courtesy Terry Borland Glasco

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