Servatius Connections

The photo of Wilhelm was shared with me by a distant cousin. Until I know whether he’d like his name printed, I’ll use his initials. Thank you, MM, for the share.

The Servatius family has been both a joy and frustration to research. In Cordelia’s will–she was Wilhelm’s wife–the surname is spelled Servatus. Other variations are seen elsewhere adding to the confusion, especially when a record is grainy and hard to read. Another hurdle is that Bertha, their only child, was adopted. The hunt continues.

servatius_maria theresia geier_sis of Christian Geier_shared by stvschf33By birth, this woman is a Geier, therefore my blood relative. Her name is Maria Theresia Geier Servatius–my great grandfather Joseph Geier’s aunt–and she married Anton Servatius, Wilhelm’s brother. Once again, MM, thank you for the very valuable photo.

My Servatius lineage

Anton Servatius, b. 1750s m. Anna Mariae Schmitz, and their son

Peter Servatius, b. 1783 m. Barbara Sauerborn, and their son

William Servatius, b. 1830 m. Cordelia F. Matts, and their daughter

Bertha May Servatius*, b. 1874 m. Joseph Geier, and their son

Carl Geier, b. 1893 m. Lalla M. Butterfield, and their son

Rodney M. Geier, b. 1929 m. Margaret E. Appell. They are my parents.

*The 1900 Kansas state census record states Bertha was adopted.

Your Servatius submissions can be taken HERE.

Servatius Anton and Maria Theresia_shared by mmccarthyPhoto and birth and death information graciously shared by my cousin. Thank you.

For those of you who caught that there is an Anton Servatius in my lineage with a different birth date than the one in the above photo, good eye! Maybe this will help:

Servatius Geier lineage chart_Did you notice that my great grandparents Joseph Geier and Bertha Servatius are in the lower right corner? Joseph’s aunt Theresia Geier married Bertha’s uncle Anton Servatius, making two Servatius/Geier marriages. Calgon, take me away!

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