Site Email Address

The site email is:

First steps (for those who’d like to contribute)

  1. You will need to COPY AND PASTE the address above and add me as a contact since this page will not allow attachments to be sent. This is basically a Hello page. Once added, you will be able to send the following using the guide below.
  2. Please read my SHORT ARTICLE about compatibility, editing, and contributing.

What to send and how

  1. Photo–send as an attachment to
  2. A short story–For 2-3 paragraphs: copy and paste within an email message and send  to
  3. A longer document–For 4+ paragraphs, please send as attachment to
  4. Your written articles–If you’d like to write an article for submission, I encourage you to peek at the article below discussing how to create a Google Doc.

This link from Spinweb takes you to an article that discusses how to Create, Collaborate, and Share Google Docs. I find it most helpful.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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%d bloggers like this: