Geier Connections

We aren’t as lucky on the Geier side with photos. They stop–or should I say start–with Carl, above. In the photo above he sits with wife Lalla Butterfield and my dad, Rodney, in happier times. Carl and Lalla divorced in 1933 when dad was four, and who looks to be two or three here.

Later, dad’s contact with Carl was spotty at best, although not for lack of trying; I must give grandpa Carl credit. For reasons not completely known, Lalla ended the marriage and strove to prevent further contact with Carl, not only from her son, but later from her two granddaughters. My sister and I never met Carl.


Circa 1921

Sadly, I believe the photo up top is the only photo of Carl and my father together. There are several of Carl and the Butterfield side. Here Carl stands among sisters Lalla, left, Bertha, and Hazel on the right.

My Geier lineage

Johan Peter Geyer, b. 1701 m. Anna Weiss, and their son

Michael Geyer, b. 1738 m. Anna Schaefer, and their son

Peter Geyer, b. 1780 m. Margaretha Halfen, and their son

Christian Geyer, b. 1815 m. Helena Wolf, and their son

Joseph Geier, b. 1862 m. Bertha Servatius, and their son

Carl Geier, b. 1893, m. Lalla Butterfield, and their son

Rodney M. Geier, b. 1929 m. Margaret E. Appell. They are my parents.

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geier_carl joseph_son of christian geier and helena wolf_earlly 1920s

Carl Joseph Geier in happier times, circa 1921, the year he married grandma.

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