Smith Connections

Like many others, the Smith family is large. In my early research days, I didn’t feel a sense of connection or that I belonged. I began to understand the drop in the ocean concept. I felt disconnected, yet, this family was largely the inspiration for this blog.

I come from a long line of writers and pack rats. My parents saved each and every letter, post card, document, and photo. The daunting piles reside at my house, hence the drive behind creating a meaningful legacy.

In order to document and preserve our family history, and because it would be a shame to throw away this valuable collection, I created an online series for three of our collections (because two are large, they are a work in progress). Using letters that capture the author’s personality, I scanned, uploaded, dissected, and posted my thoughts about the letters on my original blog, FINDING MERLE.

One of my collections, Into Ironwood, can be viewed at the bottom of this page. The Letter links (below) and the one in the previous sentence take you to my other blog.

My Smith lineage

Samuel Smith, b. 1790 m. Jane James, and their son

Charles E. Smith, b. 1818 m. Mariah Pollyann Bixby, and their son

Alfred Josiah Smith, b. 1848 m. Helen Eliza White, and their daughter

Orah Myrtle Smith, b. 1875 m. Elmer H. Butterfield, and their daughter

Lalla M. Butterfield, b. 1898 m. Carl Joseph Geier, and their son

Rodney M. Geier, b. 1929 m. Margaret E. Appell. They are my parents.

Your Smith submissions can be taken HERE.

NOTICE:  In the links provided, you will find copies of Josiah’s original letters. My thoughts and speculations, also there, are not meant to be presented as facts. Several letters in my collection were “dissected” prior to current knowledge. I appreciate your understanding in advance. A Comment box for further discussion is provided at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Into Ironwood

Great grandpa Josiah “Si” Smith, the man above in the photo, began writing in 1889. Each letter is written to his parents, Charles and Mariah Smith. On occasion, Si’s wife Helen adds a page or two. Offering us a glimpse of life in Ironwood, Si writes 14 letters in all.

Here are the first six. As noted, the links take you to Finding Merle.

Letter #1

Letter #2

Letter #3

Letter #4

Letter #5

Letter #6

Letters 7 through 14 will be presented here on The Malevolent Matriarch as they are dissected.

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