Raymond Connections

In the photo above, Carrie is seated front and center. The other ladies are unknowns. Most photos of the Raymond family were taken in St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada, where Carrie was born. Most of the early lineage information below must be taken with a grain of salt. These names and dates are from an old ancestry chart compiled by my mother many years ago, and the Raymond side is one I have yet to flesh out. Maybe you can help.

Patterson_Carrie A N Raymond_wedding day

Wedding day, April 15, 1896

This is Carrie, above, on her wedding day. Notice the large buttons. My mother has Carrie’s brown, taffeta wedding dress and all the original buttons. My mother wants the dress to be donated later to a historical society in New Brunswick.

My Raymond lineage

Samuel Raymond, b.      m. Elizabeth Hoyt*, and their son

Silas Raymond, b.      m. Sarah Barlow, and their son

Samuel R. Raymond, b. 1773 m. Elizabeth Perkins, and their son

Edward G. N. Raymond, b. 1814 m. Adelaide McLeod, and their daughter

Caroline A. N. Raymond, b. 1866 m. James Marshall Patterson, and their daughter

Margaret Adelaide Patterson, b. 1899 m. Herman G Appell, and their daughter

Margaret Elizabeth Appell, b. 1928 m. Rodney M. Geier. They are my parents.

*As always, there may be inaccuracies. Did you catch that someone married an Elizabeth Hoyt elsewhere in the Patterson family?

Your Raymond submissions can be taken HERE.

patterson_carrie a n raymond_carrie left front_not sure of others_nb canada

From Fredericton, N. B., here is another photo of Carrie, left front, and more unknowns.

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