Family history: What’s in a (nick)name?

The significance of names in family history

Considerations when naming children

Have you considered your first, middle, and last names? Were you “named after” someone in the family? Perhaps you were given great aunt Grace’s first name, or uncle James’s middle name? Maybe you use a nickname or a derivative of a longer, traditional name? You may have chosen to give your children a family name.

What if, when looking at past records, you discover the given or actual name for an ancestor, but records show they used a nickname, or several? Searching for the facts can become difficult.

Take a look at what Susan found when researching our common ancestor Maria Polly Bixby Smith.

When creating a profile for your ancestor, you may find they used several names. If this was the case, remember to use all the names you’ve discovered when researching. It may bring records you hadn’t anticipated.

Susan, I have to add one more name to your list. My mother, when researching our Maria, was using the name Mariah PollyAnn Bixby in her records.

Happy profiling! ❤

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