Clues and hunches to identify the unknown

The importance of clues and hunches

Instinct and identifying unknowns

We all seem to have a mystery photo, the people in which we cannot identify.  It is tempting to look at the obvious, accept the unknown and give up. Yet, there may be more to it than we realize; there may be help we hadn’t previously considered.

Take a look at how Susan identified the people in her mystery photo with a little help from hunches. (Photo credit Susan Phelps unless otherwise marked).

A few more thoughts

Susan’s suggestion to write down your hunches is very good. It will help to flesh out your thoughts and keep ideas for each person separate. She also suggests that having the original copy of a photo may lead to the identity of the family–a step in the right direction.

The point is: consider what your gut tells you when trying to identify the unknown. What are your hunches? Write them down and see if you can “prove” your theories.

Your instincts may be more helpful than you realize.

Happy profiling! ❤

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