Family history: Record using various methods

When writing is not your thing

Think of your “go to” method to communicate

When I began this blog, I was intently focused on the written form of ancestor stories. My goal is to teach my children about their past, and as a writer, making notes or creating a few short paragraphs is a piece of cake.

For others, writing anything can be difficult, and it’s important to remember we all communicate in different ways. I’m reminded of how my children communicated with me when they went to college. One called, one emailed, and the other sent text messages. These remain their preferred methods.

This leads us to think of other ways to pass along treasured information.

Take a look at what Susan has to say:

Writing may not be your thing, and that is OK. Susan’s post is a companion piece to the post I wrote about using mixed methods to profile an ancestor. I discuss combining artifacts, and various methods and techniques, to profile an ancestor. That article, featuring Edna Butterfield as my example, can be found here.

If you’ve been able to successfully profile an ancestor using any of the methods Susan and I discuss, please let us know.

All photos in this post: Credit Susan Phelps

Happy Profiling! ❤

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